Pittsburgh Music & Nightlife
Industry Audit 
Be Heard - The Music Community's Future Depends on Your Participation


You can’t grow what you don’t measure!
There is strength in numbers and that is what we need in order to make our music and nightlife scene successful.
You have until March 31st to play a part.
The Pittsburgh Music & Nightlife Industry Audit is a comprehensive online survey that is gathering information to help guide the final recommendations that will be included in the Pittsburgh Music Ecosystem Project’s final report due in summer 2018.
 Your careful responses will provide the first step in a wider civic commitment to understand and measure the needs of this unique population of Pittsburgh music and nightlife economy professionals. 
Participation is anonymous. Please share your insights if you work part or full time in the music or nightlife industry and live or work within Pittsburgh or one of its surrounding 13 counties.
The survey is not designed for participation from music fans or concertgoers but is for...
Contract workers, and business owners in every sector of the music and entertainment industry which, among others, includes: musicians, artist managers, agents, studios, audio engineers, equipment and music retailers and manufacturers, event production services, producers, music support services, and anyone employed in a music venue, bar, tavern, or nightclub.
The first survey step is to self-classify into one of three primary categories:
Venue Owners/Managers: any type of establishment that includes live music performance, DJs, or is a nightlife destination.
Service Providers and Workers: those who support music or nightlife: examples include venue staff, roadies, accountants, lawyers, agents, managers, record labels, radio DJs, music bloggers, instrument makers, non-profits, festivals, record stores, music industry professionals.
Creative Talent: those who rely on music related creative skills for economic gain, such as musicians, vocalists, DJ’s, songwriters, composers, arrangers, studio engineers, producers, and music teachers.
This is a key component of the Music Ecosystem Project and a way to make your voice heard. Encourage your friends and colleagues to participate by sharing PGHMusicProject.org.